About : Richard DeNicola

My name is Rich DeNicola.

I have always had an interest in art but when I came to prison in 2012 I was amazed at some of the drawings I saw. 
I checked out some art books and I still have not put them down.
I particularly enjoy drawing in pen, but I continually challenge myself in pencil and color pencil.
My personal style is in the  "dark art"category.

I draw almost daily and I take a lot of requests, from portraits of family to pets.
I have drawn many creative pieces, sceneries, portraits, animals, people, and basically anything someone gives me an idea of.

If you have an idea or picture you want drawn please contact me.
[email protected]
or Jpay me a letter.

I can do pen, pencil or color pencil. Prices are negotiable.

I thank you for checking me out!
God bless.

About: Kevin Pauley


My name is Kevin Pauley.

I am an inspiring tattoo artist. I do graphite, colored pencil and other mediums.
My favorite medium is tattooing. I can draw just about anything. 

I can do portraits and landscapes. I love to draw landscapes, but i love , even more, to do tattoos.
If you want anything specific, let me know!

You can reach me at:

Kevin Pauley

P.O. Box 6000
Sterling, CO

P.S. You can reach me at JPay.com
Make sure you send me a return address so i can get ahold of you!